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AMEC Nuclear Slovakia combines own technical capabilities along with cutting edge technical expertise and long-term detailed knowledge of client´s needs in order to provide our partners with customized solutions for waste treatment and decontamination services within nuclear industry.

Decontamination services

AMEC Nuclear Slovakia provides services in the nuclear sector. Company’s main focus is on decontamination services. The highly qualified staff performs decontamination works according to the projects or realization programs prepared at AMEC Nuclear Slovakia, in order to meet all the customer requirements regarding the predisposal decontamination and decontamination of operating NPPs in the Slovak Republic (SR) and Czech Republic (CR).

Various decontamination techniques and methods are being used to meet all the criteria of high decontamination efficiency with low production of secondary radioactive waste. e.g. decontamination of walls and floors using special foams or decontamination equipment, electrochemical decontamination for the disposal of spent fuel storage pool grid or bath decontamination of removable parts of technological equipment by ultrasound.