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"Vision of AMEC Nuclear Slovakia is to provide our customers with services and products that will ensure high-level safety and quality. We provide effective and custom-made solutions that will not only meet all the professional and technical standards, but will also bring cost savings and overall efficiency to costumer’s processes."

Pavol Štuller, Managing Director

AMEC Nuclear Slovakia s.r.o. (previously AllDeco s.r.o.) was founded in 1992 as a company specialized in providing services and equipment in the field of decontamination and treatment of radioactive waste. The company has its headquarters in Trnava and workshops situated in Paderovce.

The company is part of the division Power and Process within the AMEC plc, and is directly responsible for managing operations in the region of Eastern Europe, including managing activities of the subsidiary company AMEC Nuclear Czech Republic, a.s., which is covering all the activities on the Czech market in the field of nuclear energy.

Our activities are based on development of own technologies and application equipment and sale of the products in the form of material delivery or services. Our aim is to become recognized as a customer oriented provider of complex and advanced services, technologies and equipment.